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The Sisters of Mercy concert
Leeds Beckett University - Leeds, UK
Wed, 14 Oct 2015

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Leeds Beckett University

Calverley Street, LS1 3HE

1 fan review

  • The Sisters of Mercy fan
    The Sisters of Mercy fan

    Truly AWFUL
    It was the most appalling waste of £30 ever. As the person at my side said "it's your fucking job, at least make an effort to rehearse and put on a show and sing in tune and wear something nice".... Treating your audience with contempt is not very rock n roll. The two session guitarists had more stage presence than Eldritch and they employed the clever trick of having all the lighting rig onstage so all we saw were shadows and silhouettes and smoke and couldn't actually see the band. I think there were three of them onstage but frankly, it could have been a backing track and a couple of road crew just wandering around whilst Grant Mitchel off Eastenders shouted into a microphone.......


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  • The Sisters of Mercy fan
    The Sisters of Mercy fan
    Should've stayed at home