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Sepultura concert
Barba Negra Track - Budapest, Hungary
Tue, 21 Jul 2015

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  • Barba Negra Track
  • Neumann János u. 2,, 1117
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1 fan review

  • Sepultura fan
    Sepultura fan

    Of course it is not fair to compare "new" and "old" Sepultura, however I think a second guitarist is missing very much. The best part of the concert was the Orgasmatron when a guy from the crew was playing, too. And of course, Derrick is not Max, and he never will. The sound of the songs were not cool enough only with one guitar. Eloy is a great drummer, he replaced Igor very well. In the middle of the show the drums were broken up, and the show stopped for a few minutes. I guess, the guys should have played some jam instead of the big silence and and they were just wathcing how the drums were fixed... In total, I 've received what I was expecting, but no more.

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  • Sepultura fan
    Sepultura fan