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John Denver concert
Walk Festival Hall - Jackson Hole, US
Sat, 21 Sep 1996

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Walk Festival Hall

1 fan review

  • John Denver fan
    John Denver fan

    I was at this concert, was on a motorcycle trip thru the west, spent a few days in JH, saw he was going to be here. Could not get tickets for Friday’s show, got on a wait list for the Saturday show at the time of
    The show since it was also sold out. They put a couple of rows of seats on the stage and made these available, I ended up with one of those seats, probably 10 feet from The performer. I don’t remember much about the play list but it was a great show and very serendipitous outcome for a spur of the moment coincidence of being there when he was performing.


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  • John Denver fan
    John Denver fan
    One of the best!