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Hayden Thorpe SOURCE

Hayden Thorpe concert
Scala - London, UK
Mon, 28 Mar 2022

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  • Hayden Thorpe fan
    Hayden Thorpe fan

    Bless you gotta love him ,.. But what first struck me was the sound , I am getting on a bit maybe that might explain why I could hear no discernable tone inthe bass , apart from the odd foray up the scale the sound of the bass guitar was a behemoth that I could feel vibrating through the building, my body and probably everything else in the vicinity but I could not actually hear tone . I'd like to know if this was intentional sound design or a freak of the venue . Having said that the mix seemed to work , clear definition between vocal , guitar ,drums keyboard and saxaphone .
    The band weren't present for a large section of the event with Hayden performing solo and admirably with guitar , keyboard and various tools beyond my kin .

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  • Hayden Thorpe fan
    Hayden Thorpe fan