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      • Scorpions fan
        Scorpions fan about Scorpions in Budapest, Hungary on Wed, 27 Aug 1986

        I'm from Slovakia, I was there when I was 18,. It was my best concert ever.

      • George Thorogood and The Destroyers fan
        George Thorogood and The Destroyers fan about George Thorogood and The Destroyers in Leeds, UK on Sun, 25 Jul 1982

        Totally blew Leeds apart with one of the best gigs I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve saw some amazing rock bands in my time including the Cream at the RAH in 1968 and Weeley in 1971.

      • Devo fan
        Devo fan about Devo in Fitchburg, US on Fri, 18 Jul 1980

        Went to this concert on a whim - heard about it on the radio (WBCN), and drove up and bought tickets at the window. $7 if I remember correctly Sat in the middle of the theatre, and didn't really know much of what to expect beyond "Whip It".

        Gotta admit it - I left a spud head. To this day, I've seen hundreds of concerts, and this is in the top-5 all-time, perhaps top-3. What an incredible hi-energy, fun show they put on.

        I'm still to this day trying to find a ticket stub and/or poster for this show.

      • Bee Gees fan
        Bee Gees fan about Bee Gees in Montreal, Canada on Sat, 01 Sep 1979

        I attended this concert!!!
        The best concert ever!!!!

      • Scorpions fan
        Scorpions fan about Scorpions in Daly City, US on Fri, 23 May 1980

        I believe it was the animal magnetism tour or Lovedrive I can’t remember but the scorpions played for about 55 minutes and they blew the roof off the cow palace Daly city California! Ted Nugent was the headliner and did his thing it was good but the scorpions were new and fresh and stole the show in my opinion

      • John Denver fan
        John Denver fan about John Denver in Manila, Philippines on Sun, 29 May 1983

        I am a huge John Denver fan! I was stationed at Clark Air Base and heard that John Denver was having a concert in Manila I got a ticket! Best concert ever! He was very personable. He started singing a song and then stopped and laughed and said he had forgotten part of it and then restarted singing the song. I still miss him.

      • Jeff Buckley fan
        Jeff Buckley fan about Jeff Buckley in Belfast, UK on Wed, 24 Aug 1994

        The greatest concert I ever had the privilege of witnessing. Before walking through the doors that night I didn't know who Jeff Buckley was, and by the end of the night I had seen something very special. It felt like a spiritual pilgrimage for the main act as he played in the city of Van Morrison. Glen Hansard was the support and sang that he needed a revelation. For me the concert was definitely a revelation. Jeff played his guitar like the bells on Astral Weeks. It was the first time I heard the song Hallelujah and while it was written by Leonard Cohen, for me it will always belong to Jeff. I thank God for being there that night.

      • Pink Floyd fan
        Pink Floyd fan about Pink Floyd in Bournemouth, UK on Thu, 05 Dec 1968

        Amazing gig, enjoyed at the time without knowing Pink Floyd would be world wide stars

      • Journey fan
        Journey fan about Journey in Tacoma, US on Fri, 19 Aug 1983

        I attended this concert, WOW!

      • Little Feat fan
        Little Feat fan about Little Feat in Philadelphia, US on Sat, 08 Apr 1978

        was one of the best shows I have seen

      • A-ha fan
        A-ha fan about A-ha in Bournemouth, UK on Sun, 25 Jan 1987

        First ever proper gig- not sure about the overall setlist order, but the first and last songs are definitely right!

      • John Mayall fan
        John Mayall fan about John Mayall in London, UK on Thu, 03 May 1973

        It was a great setting for an enjoyable concert for this young traveler.

      • Bob Marley fan
        Bob Marley fan about Bob Marley in London, UK on Sun, 20 May 1973

        A friend at college (The London College of Printing, Elephant and Castle) talked me into going with him to see this new reggae band at The Greyhound. I think he was nervous about going there on his own because at the time The Wailers only appealed to the West Indian community in London, and he was very white. We turned up there and sure enough we were just about the only white faces in the crowd. We were up on the balcony above the stage and very visible.
        The original Wailers were all there, and Marley shared the limelight and alternated lead vocals with Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingstone. The sound was fat and crisp and the audience was absolutely in the Wailers' pockets. When they began Get up, Stand up, all the audience got up, stood up and stood up for their rights. I was someone a bit nervous about venturing into Brixton, and here I was surrounded by a almost totally black audience standing up for their rights, yet I didn't feel threatened at all. They played most of Catch a Fire which they were promoting -- I particularly remember Slave Driver, Catch a Fire, Concrete Jungle, Stop that Train, Kinky Reggae and Stir it up.
        After the concert we headed, blown away by the concert, for Hammersmith to get the tube home. On the other side of the Street, Bob Marley, carrying his guitar and wearing his trademark lumberjack shirt, was walking fast in the same direction. We shouted our compliments across the street and Marley looked at us, smiled and shouted back "Thanks, mon!" before disappearing down a sidestreet.

      • Professor Shyguy fan
        Professor Shyguy fan about Professor Shyguy in Baltimore, US on Sat, 30 Jul 2016

        The show it self was great, so was the music. But meeting him in person... he was kinda mean. Gets really mad when you ask him questions about the reasoning for his songs.

      • Frank Zappa fan
        Frank Zappa fan about Frank Zappa in Würzburg, Germany on Sun, 13 Jun 1982

        I was at this concert with my parents when I was just six weeks old. Unfortunately I have no memories. But my parents talk still often from this concert.


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