Faith No More concert
in Rijnhal - Arnhem, Netherlands
Fri, 20 Nov 1992

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  • anonymous

    I have really funny story about the time I saw them live...
    It was 1992, I was 18, and fan of Faith no More. Me and a girlfriend went to their concert in Arnhem, Netherlands. Before they came on, they had this band called 'Napalm Death'. I did not know them, but seeing as we wanted to see Faith no More up close, we were right at the front. And then Napalm Death started, and everyone turned wild. We were pushed into the barrier, arms hanging over, and could no longer move. Just imagine these two bewildered teenagers hanging there. And then I saw the members of Faith no More, standing to the side, pointing at us and screaming with laughter... I was mortified!
    (We got hauled out by a security guy, but not before my friend had already strained her ribcage. I was lucky, mine was just blue)
    So much for being really cool rock chicks! ????
    I remember Mike Patton being an arse and spitting one of the security guys on his head from up above on the stage.
    Still love their music, though!


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    Nothing special