Bob Dylan concert
in Waikiki Shell - Honolulu, US
Sat, 01 Aug 1964

Bob Dylan SOURCE

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    • anonymous


      I had finished my Junior year in high school in 1964 when I attended the Aug 1, 1964 Bob Dylan concert at the Waikiki Shell. My girlfriend and I had the cheapest tickets, cs. $2.75 each, and we're sitting in the grass a light rain started falling and there weren't many people at the concert, so Bob Dylan told us all to come down closer. Thus, we got to sit in the spprox 2nd row right in front of Dylan he had on a buckskin jacket and his harmonica on a stand around his neck. It was a wonderful concert which I have never forgotten. I bought all his albums from those years and many years later bought the CDs. My son texted me from the East Coast early this morning to tell me the great news about Dylan receiving the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. I was "stoked" as we would have said in 1964 Honolulu. It is richly deserved! Way to go, Bobby!

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    One of the best!