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Fan reviews

  • Autechre fan
    Autechre fan about
    Vancouver, Canada on Sat, 26 Sep 2015

    -Dead crowd
    -excellent music every second of the evening.
    -1 out of 100 people even moving, what is wrong with this city?
    -great bartenders and a handy 10$ bar tab survey being held while in line
    -no taps aff? I mean seriously? You gotta be kidding me. In a city that celebrates diversity - this is repression! If you're not hurting anyone and you paid your ticket, your attire or lack of should not be an issue. Regression = Depression. It was 40 degrees near the front and being asked to put my shirt on was a pathetic, weak attempt to exhibit control and induce fear. Fuck you, whoever was running security.
    -summary, most amazing music ever, dead crowd, shit vibe, I'll be seeing Autechre in another city from now on.

  • Autechre fan
    Autechre fan about
    Vancouver, Canada on Sat, 26 Sep 2015

    It was the worst concert of more than hundred I have been to.

    The duo started out anonymously half an hours later they were supposed to. Rob Hall had to come out and play twice, I guess, because Autechre were late. While Autechre were performing, it was completely dark in the hall. At first, I thought it was sort of a sound-check or an intro. However, I realized soon that this is the way it should be. What they played was just a bunch of random sounds, with no rhythm and no melodies whatsoever. It felt as if there was a baby sitting somewhere playing with a newly discovered musical gear by pushing buttons and turning knobs without any understanding of what s(he) is doing. It went like that for nearly 45 minutes (even less that each of the 'guest' musicians played). Autechre didn't even bother to say 'hi' or 'bye', let alone 'thank you' to the audience.

    I feel I was laughed by the duo, the concert agency and the venue, who did not indicate that the performance is going to be done in complete darkness and very short.

    Very disappointed. I wish I stayed at home.

  • Autechre fan
    Autechre fan about
    Brussels, Belgium on Fri, 03 Oct 2014

    Shame on them !!! ...it was disrespectful to the public..


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