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Type: person

Gender: female

Born: 30 Mar 1964 (56 years ago)

Born in: Cleveland, US

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  • anonymous
    anonymous about Harare, Zimbabwe on Fri, 07 Oct 1988

    It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Will never forget being there that day at the Human Rights Concert in Harare, 1988. The only sad part was 20,000 South African trekked to Zimbabwe from South Africa which was under apartheid and a few still found time to be racist causing fights at the show fueled by alcohol hidden under armpits. They were not used to being in close proximity to blacks on an equal footing. I was 5’2” aged thirteen and was being jostled in the crowd when Springsteen came on and one man South African adult white male sneered “stop touching me” with a disgusted look on his face. He said this while still shaking and being jostled by white people around him, but I was the only black near him and he decided to pick on me. Go figure.

  • anonymous
    anonymous about Harare, Zimbabwe on Fri, 07 Oct 1988

    This was one of the best concerts Zimbabwe ever saw. Many great memories of great times.

  • First concert: 33 years ago

    Donmar Warehouse

    London, UK
  • Last concert: 11 years ago

    The Fillmore

    San Francisco, US

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