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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Melbourne, Australia on Fri, 16 Jun 1995

      One of the most AMAZING concerts I've ever had to pleasure to be a part of! Seeing LUX in heels and sexually charged blew my mind and took me to another journey in life!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Glasgow, UK on Sat, 16 May 1981

      I remember hearing a strange noise during the concert. It was a kinda swish, doop , Ah ! - swish, doop Ah ! Then I realised Lux Interior was swinging his microphone on the end of the cable and hitting the audience on the head. Swish, doop , Ah ! - Th Ah was the scream of pain of the victim. I Also remember that at one point the only band member I could see was the drummer as the rest of them where lying on their backs and playing and singing.

      A brilliant gig !

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