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    • anonymous

      anonymous about London, UK on Wed, 27 May 2015

      While it was great to hear Rodriguez sing and playing live, I thought the rock band backing sound was was inappropriate and I did not really like the use of covers to pad out the gig. It would have been better to extend the length of his own songs as they seemed to be over too quickly!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Lausanne, Switzerland on Sun, 17 May 2015

      A few songs were quite good, but in general it did not seem like Rodriguez was synced up with the band so well. Plus it was very difficult to hear when he was speaking between songs.

      When I go to a concert I am looking for something more than listening to an album, but I thought the concert was not even as good as the albums, and it was very short.

      I am glad I attended, but I do not think I would pay to see Rodriguez again.

      The venue is also not the best. When it is completely full like that it is difficult to find a space with good sound. And many people were talking loudly, which made listening to the music difficult.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about London, UK on Thu, 07 May 2015

      Good concert, he is old and not very organized when it comes to shows and he sounds a bit rusty. But he definitely has good charm and knows how to move an audience like the albert hall. The support band was ok, the comp guitarist sound was a bit to loud in my opinion.

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