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      Islesfan about Newark, US on Sat, 03 Sep 1977

      This was my second concert ever.A very memorable one at that. MTB was also my first back in June of 77. So seeing them again in this festival type setting was amazing. They were much looser and they extended several songs with Toy Caldwell's lead guitar jams.
      By the time they hit the stage the heat of day was in full force. It was very humid after the early morning thunderstorms had passed through. The crowd of over 100,000 (estimated) were all looking for water or anything to quench their thirst. Since this was an outdoor show on an abandoned raceway. There was no concessions to go get anything. The promoters set up water hoses were people could go full up there juggs or bottles with water. Problem was. That area was a sea of mudI You had to wade through knee deep mud to get over to the water stations. It was something this then 15 year old concert goer still remembers. Even as high as I was that day.
      But Tucker were phenomenal this day. Playing hit after hit to a very supportive and enthusiastic crowd. They Rocked!
      Only a portion of their show was broadcast on NY radio station WNEW 102.7. The setlist is made up of what is on that bootleg recording of the broadcast. I remember (or not) them playing much longer. But who knows. Either way it was great.
      Here's a link to their setlist

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