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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Chicago, US on Fri, 16 May 1975

      ok, boomer
      was middle of spring quarter of junior year at N.U.
      a friend & i decided that Friday afternoon
      (evening?) to go see Lou. don't remember which friend,,,& it might have been two friends...no issues getting there from Evanston. bought tickets
      (balcony) at the box office. don't remember co$t. ballroom wasn't 100% full - - maybe 80 - 85%

      fantastic show! seems like there was opening act but can't remember which. there was a lot of MDA in Evanston that spring so strong chance we had dosed pre-show

      White light/white heat;;; i don't remember the order of songs but Satellite of Love,,,Perfect Day;;;I'm waiting for the Man;;;Walk on the Wild Side all incluided. and a looooooooong version of Sweet Jane. what sticks out distinctly was Lou Reed collapsing on stage mid-song,,mid-show. coupla three roadies came out & carried Lou off stage two songs later,,,(might have been 1.5) he came back onstage energetic as all get out. figured at the time that they shot him up with _ _ _ _ _ or perhaps a cocktail of - - - - - and _ _ _ _ _ __

      anyway a footnote. Lou was great,,,may he R.I.P.,,,,,show was great. in past 44 years it has occurred to me whole collapsing thing was a "publicity stunt."

      thanks, safe journeys

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    • gemmamipi

      gemmamipi about Barcelona, Spain on Sun, 07 Jul 2002


      1. (Unknown) (instrumental)
      2. (Unknown) (instrumental)
      3. Halloween Parade (Lou Reed)
      4. Mystic Child (Lou Reed)
      5. Blue Lagoon (Laurie Anderson)
      6. Poison (Laurie Anderson)
      7. The Dream Before (Laurie Anderson)
      8. The Raven (Lou Reed)
      9. The Wildbeasts (Laurie Anderson)
      10. Ecstasy (Lou Reed)
      11. Mad (Lou Reed)
      12. Talking Book (Lou Reed)
      13. Dark Angel (Laurie Anderson)
      14. The Smile (Laurie Anderson)
      15. Tripitena's Speech (Lou Reed)
      16. Imp of the Perverse (Lou Reed)
      17. The Bells (Lou Reed)
      18. A Story About A Story (Laurie Anderson)
      19. Rock Minuet (Lou Reed)
      20. Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song) (Lou Reed)
      21. White Lily (Laurie Anderson)
      22. Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

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    • gemmamipi

      gemmamipi about Barcelona, Spain on Thu, 24 Sep 1998

      Concert in La Pla├ža de la Catedral in the BAM festival
      1.Sweet Jane
      (The Velvet Underground song)
      2. I'll Be Your Mirror
      (The Velvet Underground song)
      3. Perfect Day
      4. The Kids
      5. Vicious
      6. Kicks
      7. Street Hassle
      8. Hang On to Your Emotions
      9. Turning Time Around
      10. Talking Book
      11. Set the Twilight Reeling
      12. Future Farmers of America
      13. Legendary Hearts
      14. New Sensations
      15. Riptide
      16. Dirty Blvd.
      17. Satellite of Love
      18. Walk on the Wild Side

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