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  • anonymous
    anonymous about Lund, Sweden on Mon, 02 Oct 1967

    The consert was not at Olympen, it was at Stora Salen AF. Olympen was not built 1967. I was at the consert. Zappa did not bring any PA system for the singing, they tried to use the PA system in Stora Salen but it was construckted for speach. So they soon gave up the singing. There was actually two conserts that evening, but it turned into one long jam session without singing, with a change of listeners in the midddle. I was able to attend both sessions. It was a smashing success!

  • anonymous
    anonymous about Baltimore, US on Sun, 11 May 1980

    Dickweed sat on a stool with his back to the audience the entire show. Buddy puking up JD next to me entire show also.

  • anonymous
    anonymous about Winnipeg, Canada on Thu, 08 Jul 1971

    I was present at the table of Frank Zappa in a bar in Winnipeg on the day before the concert while his band jammed into the early morning hours. He had a girl sitting on his lap and suddenly slapped her so hard that she fell to the floor. Seeing this, I and my girl friend moved to another table.

  • anonymous
    anonymous about Odense, Denmark on Mon, 22 Nov 1971

    It was free concert because he lost his own gear in sweden.


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