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    • Saymon

      Saymon about Vienna, Austria on Wed, 11 Nov 2015

      What to say about this, in my opinion, one of the best concerts I have ever been?
      Foo Fighters absolutely rocked Wiener Stadthalle. Almost 2h and 15min of pure rock and bunch of various emotions during different songs. Incredible!
      Dave, Taylor and company were amazing!
      But Austrian crowd, are you fucking kidding me? SITTING the whole concert, what the fuck? Dave with broken leg had more energy than you all together on seatings! Shame on you, but a least, you were very loud, so that something :)
      Anyway, FF exceeded my expectations, which I must say, weren't low. Can't wait to see them again!
      Keep doing amazing work and thanks for this brilliant concert!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Milton Keynes, UK on Sun, 06 Sep 2015

      Great venue royal blood iggy pop were great support acts the foo fighters were ace dave grohl is very grounded and an amazing frontman their set was over 2 hrs I loved it

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Milton Keynes, UK on Sat, 05 Sep 2015

      Great time, foo fighters were epic! Shame about some of the members of public in crowd and taxi drivers afterwards but you cant help that! Will be back! As a festival goer i love this venue

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    • StrongYogi

      StrongYogi about Calgary, Canada on Thu, 13 Aug 2015

      AMAZING Show!!! First time seeing the Foo Fighters and they did NOT disappoint! Came on stage and played for a solid 2.5 hours, no breaks, no encores, no games! Just played their asses off and pleased the crowd immensely. I've never seen an artist connect with the audience like that, it was seriuosly magical. You can tell Dave REALLY REALLY loves his job and he's got the talent and charisma to have the entire crowd standing for the entire 2.5 hr show. Just blown away! Also, he did this all with a broken leg and his magical thrown that drove forward on the stage, out into the audience. So many amazing first row places for all the fans. I was working security so was between the stage and the front row. So close to the action, it will never be forgotten! Great great job boys!!!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Perth, Australia on Sun, 08 Mar 2015

      Foo Fighters always put on a great performance! The energy in the stadium was high voltage! The whole crowd was alive! The fact that Dave was unwell did not effect their performance. Taylor shone like the star that he is. His stamina is almost not human! The myriad of emotions they evoked in me was almost unsettling. Only great artists/performers are
      capable of reaching people at that level! Left with a 24hour high, "if anything could ever feel this real forever". I need to do it all again!

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