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    • Saymon

      Saymon about Budapest, Hungary on Sat, 08 Feb 2020

      I was not a fan until about 4 years ago when I first knowingly heard them and I like them immediately. So my next step was obviously to go to their concert, which finally happened a couple of days ago.

      The concert was divided into two parts, including a 20-minute break. The first part played 6 songs, 3 from the current album and 3 from the older ones.
      The second part, which most visitors were waiting for, was to play the Metropolis Pt album entirely. 2: Scenes from a Memory, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of this concept album. Both acts were played without pausing between songs, which surprised me very positively, and the atmosphere was at a high level.
      Among the acts was a little longer address by the singer, we also sang all the best in honor of their manager, who celebrated his birthday on this day.
      Finally, there was an encore, in which they played another piece from the last album.

      I was very pleased with the concert. I was most excited to see and hear this technicality of the musicians and I was not disappointed - hands down, really amazing. LaBrie is, unfortunately, having problems with some of the tones but alright, not a mode killer :) And I didn't very much like the animations.

      Anyway, a great concert, I was happy to be there.
      See you at the next opportunity!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Bonn, Germany on Thu, 09 Jul 2015

      Perfect Sound, Perfect playing from petrucci, just so awesome. BUT this concert, there were no pull me under or take the time :'(

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Bonn, Germany on Thu, 09 Jul 2015

      Band in good shape, fine (but a little too short) setlist, nice location. BUT TERRIBLE SOUND MIXING!!! Only bass was loud, nearly no treble so no voice no guitar no keys no cymbals. And I was standing really near by the mixing desk. Very poor :-(

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Budapest, Hungary on Tue, 07 Jul 2015

      The show was filled with power and energy, it was more about jumping and having fun than immersing into the subtle details of the compositions. You could almost literally feel the energy bursts coming from the stage.
      Nonetheless, the schedule was very tight, Dream Theater rushed through their albums very quickly, some of the songs were tailored down to fit in the time that was allowed to play. I would be happy if their next gig was another longer "an evening with" kind of event so there would be more space for improvisation.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Minsk, Belarus on Thu, 25 Jun 2015

      I can not give an objective assessment because I have not slept for 2 days before the concert in Minsk. I was very tired. As a sound engineer I can say that the sound was good, the guys played well, sometimes James nedotyagivaet notes, as if he did not sleep for 2 days. The audience did not like me, well, it's not the English public, it could well just cry. It is certainly not a concert with the orchestra in Boston, but not too bad. In general, a normal touring concert. But I'm a little disappointed. I do not want to offend anyone from the group Dream, it's just my feeling that day. I still love them, because they are my peers. Perhaps I would be even more interesting to talk to them in life than at a concert, and maybe even work with them, I'm not a fan of music, and perceive differently.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Fortaleza, Brazil on Sat, 11 Oct 2014

      The show was perfect. Unforgettable.
      Would be better if they had even played songs like Pull me Under, Erotomania, Fatal Tragedy, Home, In the Name Of God.

      The Dream Theater`s show was the best show i've ever seen in my life.

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