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    anonymous about Swansea, UK on Thu, 10 May 1990

    Trying to discover whether Lee was singing when we first saw Dr Feelgood. It was at the Patti pavilion in Swansea, S Wales. They came on second of three groups so we weren`t sure if they were the main group, Dr Feelgood or The Hamsters. They were smartly dressed and the singer(Lee) was in a navy suit.The set was fabulous. I wanted to dance but only 1 m=kinds mad looking woman was on the floor. After it had ended, I was furious that I hadn`t danced from the very first song. Have seen them one at Tenby Blues Festical..and will be going to see what`s called Dr Feelgood on 13/02/16..but it`s a seated gig..not the same!!


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