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    • anonymous


      The Railway Inn - Winchester, UK on 13 Nov 2015

      Having been a fan since 1986 it was great to see Valor in the flesh, up close for the first time. They had a new album out therefore there weren't too many older songs, but pleased with the gig even though I got called an 'inpatient bastard' for heckling for older songs I enjoyed it and would recommend seeing them again.

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    • anonymous


      Unknown venue - Florence, Italy on 12 Jul 1991

      This was the "dead moon night" Contempo festival held in an old amphitheatre near or in Florence. This was Christian Death Valor not Rozz. I was working with the band at the time. The festival was to promote a gothic compilation album released by Contempo. Other bands were Clock DVA and Black Rose to name a couple.

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    • anonymous


      The Cluny - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK on 18 May 2014

      Had a great time. Two brilliant bands, where did the support come from? They were really on it in my book, got their CDs for listening to tomorrow.

      Christian Death were great as always, took me right back. Fantastic show.

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