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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Leicester, UK on Mon, 02 Oct 1978

      I was 16 --- met my first ever proper girlfriend at this concert.
      Those were the days when you could stand & get up close, with a pint in one hand & a ciggy in the other.
      Great band & great songs --- full of energy & good to pogo to.
      De Montfort was great place to see bands - floor sloped & plenty of space. Can't remember who supported, but my friend has suggested might have been Joy Division !!!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Salisbury, UK on Fri, 10 Oct 2014

      Loved both the Dolly rots and Buzzcocks, they rocked, but the sound PA system ruined the whole experience for me. I know certain people tried to sort this situation out, but we left the venue very disappointed, and unless the situation and problems are rectified i will not be attending any future events at Salisbury City Hall.

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    • tainbey

      tainbey about Santa Ana, US on Sat, 20 Sep 2014

      missed los lobos, and the alvin brothers, I was bummed about that, the buzzcocks were awesome as always, I had done a few lighting gigs with them back in the day, and x did the acoustic thing, not so awesome, I did even more lighting gigs with them, and the lighting system was sub par and the sound system could have used a boost, but it was fun...

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Santa Ana, US on Sat, 20 Sep 2014

      But one I thought was ridiculous was how u guys handled t e VIP section and if us comsumers are gonna pay extra why shouldnt u guys reserve our shirt size. Especially if were paying extra for it. Whatcim gonna do with an XL shirt. Im a 120 pound female , I guess I can make a snuggie out of it or a window curtain

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