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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Hamburg, US on Fri, 24 Jul 2015

      Personally, I don't like bashing on concert events whatsoever, but this venue - for whatever reason attracted that "special kind of crowd." The area I was standing it there was white trash surrounding us, it was awful to look at and very distracting. To be honest I'm not a big fan of Starset because their slower songs tend to drag on, it felt like prom night induring their slower songs. Anyways, me and my friends felt hella uncomfortable because this mild functioning autist couple was doing some weird romance shit, looked like a couple of ET's trying to phone home through interpretive dance.

      FYI: I am a white male, and honestly I've never been so disappointed in my own kind like this ever before.

      Then later in during Breaking Benjamin's set there was this one guy I was JUST about to fucking tackle from behind because he kept stepping into my personal space because he couldn't decide where to stand. DECIDE WHERE TO STAND PEOPLE!!! YOU STAND AT CONCERTS, THIS ISN'T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE.

      Not only that but people were rude about the dumbest shit, they'd yell at you in a condescending tone for waiting for your friends just because you waited by a specific line. (the ID / Drinking line specifically.) Though I kept ignoring the slack-jawed alcoholic sluts because - well obviously it's funny to see the looks on their faces when they're disappointed that no one cares what they have to say.

      Not to mention the Breaking Benjamin heckler I had to fucking listen through their entire set, he used my own joke that I even respectfully said to a friend of mine in a loud enough tone that only he was intended to hear saying during one of Breaking Benjamin's slow songs "what is this, prom night?" I'm sorry, but aside from Starset's video songs, the rest weren't even impressive at the least. Maybe impressive to some tween who's just beginning to surf around itunes on their imac. But not to someone who's been around long enough to know what he likes and doesn't like. But just to hammer the point home, if you're going to make a point about not liking an artist. Don't use the same fucking line someone else used minutes ago, it makes you look like a braindead tacky douchebag. Which - honestly by looking at the guy that seemed to ring obvious.

      Aside from the utter disgusting freakshow, and the rude 8-mile go-ers I had to deal with. The humidity and heat of that venue was awful. There was no fans; no ventilation, and even with drinking only one beer I was starting to feel like shit.

      However Breaking Benjamin played an amazing set either way, i'll give them props regardless of my horrible experience at this venue. I've been to Hamburg Fairgrounds a number of times and I've never seen so much white trash jam packed into one place.

      I would never admit to saying to not see Breaking Benjamin live, but in this case they somehow attracted the worst crowd out of all the 20+ concerts I've been to in my 24 years of life. Any time Breaking Benjamin plays at this venue, actively avoid it unless if you like seeing the most disgusting degenerational freakshow of your fucking life. I would do ANYTHING to take back this experience, and my time honestly.

      I can't really blame the venue for this, but for fucks sake people you're in public. I've seen some really fucked up shit in my life, but dear god this experience live was not worth my time by any means.

      Personal thanks and shoutouts to Breaking Benjamin for making up for this horrible shitty experience with probably the best set I've ever heard from them yet. Thank you guys for not making the night a total and complete loss.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Huntington, US on Sat, 25 Oct 2014

      It was nothing less than amazing. Even though it's only the second concert i've ever been to, it will certainly be a memorable one. Breaking Benjamin is, and will forever be, my favorite band. Rock on guys!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Wilmington, US on Fri, 24 Oct 2014

      Great concert, band very involved with the crowd. They sound on stage just like they do recorded. Will definitely see them again!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Lancaster, US on Tue, 21 Oct 2014

      So glad they're back! It was an amazing show! I've wait 6 long years to see them again! They are so great to us and couldn't have asked for a better concert! Hope they come back again soon and can't wait to hear new music! #BBisBack!

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