Blue Öyster Cult


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  • anonymous
    anonymous about Bournemouth, UK on Sat, 03 Jun 1978

    I was 10 at this gig. My mum put cotton wool in my ears but I still had ringing in my ears for days after. BOC had a great laser show which was very impressive to me as a child. Loved it as it was an event that has stayed with me til now. I had Dont fear the reaper played at my mum's funeral because of this event. Thanks BOC.

  • anonymous
    anonymous about Hampton Beach, US on Thu, 25 Jun 2015

    Have wanted to see them for quite a while and they did not disappoint. Great guitar work and a healthy sense of humor made this one special (even though I admit they did seem a bit bored playing Don't Fear the Reaper).


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