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    • CieloAzul27

      CieloAzul27 about Yokohama, Japan on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

      They can play classical or rock great. I love MJ and that was how I got to know them but I like how they are capable of play any kind of music.
      They are good looking and awesome Cello players. I was also impressed how nice they are and funny. The stage lighting was great as well.
      The drummer was great, too. I will check them out again when I get a chance. Thanks 2 Cellos!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about New York, US on Wed, 22 Apr 2015


      Do you know the name of band that opened the concert before 2Chellos?
      They were amazing as well.
      Please email at tanujb.maps@gmail.com

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about San Luis Obispo, US on Sat, 21 Mar 2015

      Amazing show! Brilliant performance from 2Cellos, in a venue that seems built just for them. Amazing sound, insanely talented, and kept the crowd engaged throughout the whole concert. Wonderfully done, cannot wait to see them again.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Santa Rosa, US on Fri, 20 Mar 2015

      Really enjoyed the show last night - you guys were amazing. A very special concert indeed. We thought the opening act was a perfect match too. Come back often!!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Modesto, US on Thu, 19 Mar 2015

      I was reintroduced to 2CELLOS just under a year ago, and since then, I have been on a 2CELLOS high. Through social media’s sites, I have met many CELLOGirls, and I am in the process of helping build an unofficaial fangroup, CELLOGirls International.
      My personal experience with 2CELLOS is that I have had a great opportunity to attend fifteen shows, starting with Chicago. I have droven through freezing tempatures, rain, sleet, 1200 hundred miles in less than three days, and schedule changes. To be honest, I would do it again. In my experience, I cannot tell you which concert is my favorite one, for each one has something special attached to them. I can say, Modesto is on my home turf and is the first ticket I bought.
      Last night’s concert was bittersweet for me, as it had been a week since I had seen 2CELLOS (Malibu) and as Modesto is the second to last concert that I have to see 2CELLOS perform live. Modesto was feeling 2CELLOS and I loved it. Hearing the fans sing and encourage 2CELLOS was amazing. I am glad we were not silent, for those concerts bother me. I just cannot be silent at a 2CELLOS concert. I need to yell, scream, sing along and dance. Modesto did me proud and I do hope 2CELLOS felt the love and come back.
      If a fan has not seen them live, then I suggest to find out when they will be back, because it’s a must do. The thought of attempting to compare 2CELLOS CD’s and DVD’s to their live permformance is just not doable for me. There is no way to express the feelings I have from sitting down and listening to them as I do my homework to sitting in a hall completely engaged with them.
      Apart of this is their meet and greet’s. I can safely say they know me well as a fan and CELLOGirl and that I will do whatever I can to promote them. Their meet and greet’s are personal for each fan and it sadden’s me to know soon meet and greet’s can become private and not all fans will have the chance to experience what I have so many times. It saddens me, that I may not have another experience with 2CELLOS. Luka, Stjepan, and Dusan are amazing people that have reached into my soul and fixed the darkness that lived within me. The have healing powers through their music and that can fully experienced through live performances. CD’s and DVD’s do not give us the view of Luka going to his place when he plays. The music takes him over and he becomes an outlet for healing. Stjepan’s interaction with the fans offers another side of personal connection, that are still gushing once the concert is over. Dusan’s drumming and engery just lights up everyone when he comes out for Thunderstruck.
      The only pieces this CELLOGirl needs to see 2CELLOS play with AC/DC and see a classical concert. Their classical pieces rip me apart and I have no problem with that happening for the experience to be shredded is always welcomed.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Portland, US on Sun, 15 Mar 2015

      I was severly unhappy with the fact that after I purchased a front row ticket to the show based on the single fact that I am Claustrophobic, only to arrive at the venue and find out that I am being crammed behind 3 rows of VIP tickets, I did not find that very professional of either the part of the venue or the musicians. This really makes me wonder if the Aladdin Theater or the 2 Cellos would be worth another visit to in the future.

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Bologna, Italy on Sat, 13 Dec 2014

      GREAT! Very beautiful concert! But It was a pity I had an accident at my leg a few days ago, so I had to stay sitting in a little space with 2 disabled persons... I couldn't see anything, people was sitting on the gates in front of us, bad people... not for me with a transitory problem but for those unlucky guys, who really didn't see anything. I would like that in every space for music they could have a better place to see the show. Would like 2CEllos next year in Florence... <3

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